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Build Run Report

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One push to triggers off the Build System to generate a certain number of Build Requests (depending on the branch). All these build requests make up a Build Run. In a previous post I have covered in more detail its flow through the Build System and the Build Run Life Cycle.

The present post will focus on the Buildapi Report on Build Runs.

URL & Parameters

The report can be accessed at the following URL:


, <branch_name> := the branch name (e.g. mozilla-central, try, ...)
, <revision> := the revision number (first 12 characters)

Report Contents

1. Summary

The report starts by displaying some general information on the Build Run:

Build Run - Summary
Fields explained:

  • Revision – the revision number (first 12 chars)
  • No. build requests – number of Build Requests
  • e2e Time:
    • Duration – the End to End Time (Duration := Greatest Finish Time – Least When Timestamp), or how long it took for all Build Requests in this Build Run to complete
    • Least When Timestamp – the earliest timestamp of the Build Requests’ start times
    • Greatest Finish Time – the latest timestamp of the Build Requests’ finish times
  • Build Requests statuses break down (No. build requests := Complete + Running + Pending + Cancelled + Interrupted + Misc):
    • Complete – number of completed Build Requests
    • Running – number of still running Build Requests
    • Pending – number of still pending Build Requests
    • Cancelled – number of cancelled Build Requests
    • Interrupted – number of interrupted Build Requests
    • Misc – number of Build Requests having other statuses (should never happen)
  • Rebuilds – number of rebuilds
  • Forcebuilds – number of forced builds
  • Results – how many of the Build Requests were successful, with warnings, failed (and/or encountered exceptions) or other (usually still pending and running Build Requests)
  • Build Requests job type break down (No. build requests := Builds + Unittests + Talos):
    • Builds – number of builds
    • Unittests – number of unittests
    • Talos – number of talos

2. Details: Individual Build Requests

Next, the report presents information on the individual Build Requests making up the Build Run. If you are interested in how the Build Requests are fetched from the database and what the individual fields describing a Build Request mean, you might want to also read Build Requests Query.

The table displays a lot of information, and many of the parameters are internal and relevant only to how the Build System works.

Build Run - Build Requests Table

, continuing with:

Build Run - Build Request Table More Info


Build Run eae6bdacf6d2 Report Demo.

This is just a demo & works only for Build Run with revision number eae6bdacf6d2. All links outside the purpose of this demo were deliberately disabled. Enjoy!

Note: all table columns are sortable.

See Also: Average Time per Builder Report, End to End Times Report, Pushes Report, Wait Times Report


Written by Anamaria Stoica

November 12, 2010 at 10:28 am

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  1. […] End to End Time measures how long it takes for a Build Run to complete. That is, the time difference between the timestamp of the change that triggered this […]

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