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Introducing the Pushes Report

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The Pushes Report counts the number of pushes per branch within a selected timeframe. This number is equivalent with the number of pushes listed in Mercurial’s pushlog, like for example the mozilla-central pushlog.

In addition, the report brakes down the number of pushes per time intervals, listing for example how many pushes were there every 2 hours within a day, or every day within a month or week, or even every month (~30 days) within a year.

To see exactly how pushes are fetched from the Scheduler Database, and what restrictions are applied on them, see Pushes Query.

URL & Parameters

The Pushes Report can be accessed at the following URL:


Parameters (all optional):

  • format – format of the output; allowed values: html, json, chart; default: html
  • starttime – start time, UNIX timestamp (in seconds); default: endtime minus 24 hours
  • endtime – end time, UNIX timestamp (in seconds); default: starttime plus 24 hours or current time (if starttime is not specified either
  • int_size – break down results per time intervals of this length if value > 0; values are specified in seconds; default: 7200 (2 hours)
  • branch – comma separated list of branches; displays results only for branches in the list; default: ” (all)
  • tqx – used by Google Visiualization API (automatically appended by the library), relevant only if format=chart; default:


1. Daily Report

  • timeframe: Sep 22 (1 day)
  • interval size: 2h (7200s)
  • branches: all (default)
  • url: <hostname>/reports/pushes?starttime=1285138800&endtime=1282546800


  • busier in the middle of the work hours, less busy at night, however this is not the usual case! The number of pushes during a day varies very much from a day to another. The day of the week, release development cycle stage or other external factors greatly influence how the chart looks.

Daily Report - Sep 22


2. Weekly Report & Branch Filtering

  • timeframe: Sep 13-20 (1 week)
  • interval size: 8h (28800s)
  • branches: mozilla-central, try
  • url: <hostname>/reports/pushes?starttime=1284361200&endtime=1284966000&int_size=28800&branch=mozilla-central,try


  • busier in the middle of the week, less busy on weekends (as expected)
  • compare only branches of interest/relevant for a more clear view

Weekly Report - Sep 13-20, filter branches: m-c, try


All reports have column chart versions:

Weekly Report - Sep 13-20, filter branches: m-c, try (column chart version)


3. Monthly Report

  • timeframe: July 1-31 (1 month)
  • interval size: 1 day (86400s)
  • branches: all
  • url: <hostname>/reports/pushes?starttime=1277967600&endtime=1280559600&int_size=86400


  • you can distinguish the weeks apart within the month, with little activity on weekends
  • the gap at the beginning of the chart is the Summit week 🙂

Monthly Report - July


4. Annual Report

  • timeframe: June-Sep (4 months – we only have data as of June)
  • interval size: 30 days (2592000s)
  • branches: all
  • url: <hostname>/reports/pushes?starttime=1275375600&endtime=1285830000&int_size=2592000


  • compare the activity from a moth to another
  • the interval is exactly 30 days, and not the number of days in that month!

Annual Report - June, July, August, September

See Also: Pushes Query, Wait Times Report


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